Meet our team

John Brantley
John Brantley General Manager
John has been a part of the Redlight Redlight family before as the Staff Manager and is happy to be back as the General Manager.
Ryan Pederson
Ryan Pederson Brand Ambassador
Ryan is back! After a 2 year stint out west, Ryan rejoins the team as our Brand Ambassador. Look for him to represent Redlight at future events or behind the bar at home base.
Kelsey Berg
Kelsey Berg Assistant Manager
Name is Kelsey, I just moved here from south bend Indiana in November and have yet to experience a Florida summer so wish me luck. My hair is always a different color and I also work at Red Cypress Brewery in winter springs. On my days off and free time I like to brewery hop to try to find my newest favorite stout. I collect glass growlers so if anyone wants to add to my collection I never turn down a gift.
Jenny Probus
Jenny Probus Assistant Manager